4.1 iOS Package Name Setup on Firebase

  • Go to the firebase console > Project overview page. Click on add app and then the iOS icon. Enter your package name. You can use the same package name that you have used for android.
  • Click on the register app and skip others by clicking next.
  • Now go to project settings and click on ios and download the GoogleService-info.plist​ file.
  • Then go to the i​os/Runner directory​ and paste the file here.
  • Now, Open the iOS folder on Xcode by right-clicking on the iOS folder from VSCode or Android Studio and go to the runner folder and move the GoogleService-info.plist​ file here. You will get a popup and click yes or confirm the popup message.
  • Now, open the ​GoogleService-info.plist​ file from your IDE or from Xcode and copy the REVERSED_CLIENT_ID. (See the picture below)​
  • Go to the i​os/Runner/Info.plist​ file and replace the R​EVERSED_CLIENT_ID here.