17.2 iOS Setup

Sign A Paid Application Agreement

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to accept the agreement. Go to app store connect -> Agreements, Tax, and Banking. You will see two agreements. One for Free Apps and the second for Paid Apps.

Free apps agreement doesn’t require you to add your bank account and fill in the Tax information, but Paid Apps do require. You need to accept the Paid Apps agreement. Once you accepted the agreement and filled in the necessary information, your status of agreements will be active. Just like this πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Configure In-App Purchase in App Store Connect

From your Appstore Connect, go to Your App > In-App Purchases. Now, your need to create the products which you want to sell. We are selling consumable points in our app which users can purchase multiple times.

Create IAP Products

Create A IAP Product by clicking on the (+) button. Select Consumable as Type, Add a reference name, and add your product name.

Reference names can be anything you want to use. Reference names won't be visible in the app.

Product ID can be anything but unique. If you are using the IAP in Android also, then make sure that both product IDs are the same.

Setup Availability

Set up the availability of your IAP Product. You can select all of the countries if you want to sell the products to all.

Pricing Setup

Select the price of the product. You should select the United States (USD) as the Base country. Complete the pricing setup by clicking next...Done.

Setup AppStore Localization

Click on the Add Localization. Add Display Name which will be shown on the app. You should write how many points you want to sell here. Like 60 Points. Add a Description of the product. This can be anything.

You should select English (US) as Localization. Don't enter anything else in the Display name. Just write how many points you want to sell (Like in the picture below)

Save the product. That's it.

You can create as many products as you want in this way.

Add the In-App Purchase Feature in Xcode

From the app source code open the quiz_app/ios folder in your Xcode App. Now go to the Runner > Signing & Capabilities and click on the + Capability and add the In-App Purchase option. That's it.

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