7. Ads Setup

You can skip this setup for now and can configure it later. We have enabled AdMob ads by default with test ad unit ids. You can enable/disable ads from the admin panel.

We have added 3 types of AdMob ads.

  1. Banner Ads: At the bottom of the quiz screen.

  2. Interstitial Ads: End of quiz play. An interstitial ads will shown when a user complete an particular quiz.

  3. Rewarded Video Ads: At the bottom the home tab and profile tab. User can earn points by watching video ads. How much points users can earch by watching each ads, you can sit that from the admin panel. Default is 20 points.

You can control ads from the admin panel. We have added an option to turn off/on ads at any time you want. Don’t enable ads on the admin panel if you are not enabled ads in the app.

We have used Admob ads by default with test unit ids. To test the ads, you should test with the test unit ids. Before releasing the app for production, make sure you have changed the app ids and ad unit ids with yours. Admob is applied by default. So you don’t have to do anything before releasing.

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