2. Disable Specific Features

You can disable/enable some specific features of the app from this file. File Location: quiz_app/lib/configs/feature_config.dart

Disable Facebook Login

As per the new policy from Meta, A registered organization/company is required to enable Facebook login in the app or website. If you are an individual and having issues with fb login steps, then you can easily disable fb login from the app. To do that,

Change the fbLoginEnabled value to false. That's it.

Disable Multi-Language Feature

If you want to use the app language only in English and remove the language selection dialog from the app, then you can disable that easily. To do that,

Change the MultiLanguageEnabled value to false. That's it.

Disable Bookmark Questions For Users

If you want to disable the Bookmark question feature for your users, then just change the bookmarkQuestionsEnable value to false. That's it.

In this way, You can disable/enable the other available features on the page.

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